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, great to have you with us on this exciting day and if you are tuning in for the cost of freedom, no worries it will air later today at 12:00 eastern and only one hour remains now, before judge sotomayor takes her oath and becomes the 111th supreme court justice, caroline shivley is live after the supreme court monitoring the excitement. hi, caroline. >> reporter: hey there, jamie. it an historic day today, becoming the first hispanic justice, on the supreme court, sonia sotomayor and also as you said the first time cameras will be inside the supreme court building and we'll get to see it broadcast live less than an hour from now and here's the breakdown of what we'll see at 11:00 local, first, sotomayor will take the constitutional oath administered by chief justice con robert and a private -- in a private ceremony and her family is allowed in for that and no cameras and that is the oath all federal employees take and in the a public ceremony which we'll broadcast live when she takes the judicial oath and this is huge, because normally the closest you can get to a camera in the
will play some extra music for us here. selinski tomorrow at 7:00 am. blue chips hitting their highest level of the year. above 9500. this after home sales soar, too. existing home sales up in july for the fourth straight month. jumping more than 7%. a lot of the buying due to first-time owners rushing to grab tax credits set to expire in the fall. auto veils up as well, driven by, what else, than cash for clunkers which is overcome monday? but is this recovery for real or is it all astroturf? fake as the dems accuse the town hall protests to be. the tax credits, the clunker cash. once they are gone, will the recovery go, too? good morning, everyone, i'm brenda blackmon. this is "bulls & bears." let's get right to it. there they are. the "bulls & bears." gary b. smith, tobin smith, eric bolling along with julia fisciteli. all these games an astroturf recovery? >> that's what happens when you give away free money. when the free money stops, you have a bunch of people out there who are used to getting the check in the mail. if there are no more checks coming, the demand goes bye-bye. you are l
.) they say it will help get us out of the $1.6 trillion hole we are now in. town hallers digging in against another costly government plan. who has got it right? i'm brenda butner and this is bulls and bears. get right to it. $1.6 trillion in red ink, that is why we need government-run healthcare? >> almost laughable, isn't it, brenda? we are going down the hole of bigger and bigger deficits and the obama solution is let's throw another massive government program that will help us out of this hole that we are in. it is just absolutely silly. at heart of this is the obama administration wants a nationalized healthcare for 47 million people but there is not 47 million uninsured, rather. there is maybe half that when you take out the illegal immigrants and people that qualify and people that can afford it. besides, the american public already voted on this. they hate what obama is coming out with and yet they are coming up with silly arguments like the one we were just talking about. >> numbers add up a little bit differently to you? >> 47 million reasons why we need the healthcare. our federa
me the numbers that we do not want this. the market tells us that we do not want healthcare reform and we are feign as we are right now. brenda: what does in mean for the economy, eric? >> i think the economy is on one trajectory the stock market the other. the economy is telling us we are not that great and we probably can't afford this. we have new hampshire town hall meeting president obama gets a question from a 14-year-old daughter of a supporter. then we have montana where they end up giving him a standing ovation. versus what you see right now, the people standing up saying hey, slow down. let's fiend out what is in the pill. let's find out how much is the cost. what they are showing us is vastly different from what the american people want. by doing so, we are finding out more. >> i'm shocked and dismayed eric. brenda: politicians often stage these on both sides of the aisle, pat. does this mean something for the economy that protesters are coming out and saying what might be wrong with the reform and stopping it? >> well, the sad thing is that neither side is focused on wh
that were taken in september and october, which i think his history will show kept us from melting down and then we had a tarp plan, which led to the point of not letting the stock market break down. my problem is that the free market now has a chance to take a hold and we're hitting the bottom of the housing market because free market people are going into to buy. all the obama plans didn't work. >> look at cash for clunkers alone. >> we're actually going to get into that at the bottom of the show. hold on, everybody! you know what? our producers are so smart, they were actually going to do a beautiful segue into cash for clunkers coming up next, but thanks, guys. coming up 15 minutes from now -- >> you know, politicians say these angry healthcare protestors are just faking it, but neil's gang has proof they are as real as real can be. you will see it at the bottom of the hour. but first, cash for clunkers. we promised. all that taxpayer green was supposed to get faster and easir than ever before? well now you can, introducing the new... powerful... lightweight... oreck xl platinum vac
. is the president right that they saved us from a depression? >> unless he was ben bernanke and paulson in september, no! i'm just shocked. whether you like the tarp, didn't like the tarp, whatever, the crunch time of this deal was september 15 to maybe october 15. that's where we could have fallen off. that's where $700 billion -- we had a run on the banks, on money market accounts. for him to claim this is for me to claim i'm the new jenny craig guy. elizabeth: kristen, set the stage. all collapsing last fall. can the president take the credit? >> absolutely not. think he had something to do with stepping in. and that's great. but if he's like waving the flag, mission accomplished, ain't happened yet. elizabeth: mission accomplished moment, eric? >> we've been talking about this for a long time. recessions last, i don't know, 18, 19 months. this is going to come out of recession. the real question is next week. we're going to have jobs numbers. if the unemployment rate is 10%, what is he going to say then? elizabeth: mark, let's get some fairness here. i want to ask you this. >> thank you. eliz
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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